The development of new brands is aimed to maintaining Truper´s trademark value, preserving the love and loyalty towards it, since for a brand to be strong it is important that it be well-oriented to a specific market, trying not to encompass much.

We are aware of the great responsibility involved in launching these new brands, which will compete in a mature segment against brands that have been well established for many years. We are also aware of the risk that our company’s image is subjected-to before our customers if a good job in this project is not done. Because of this, we will keep our usual accelerated and continuous development, which has positioned us as absolute leaders with Truper in the tool category, and, as always, all of our brands will be backed-up by Truper through our well- recognized scheme of guarantees.
Truper is the leading brand when it comes to manufacturing and commercializing for the Mexican hardware industry. Nowadays, the brand is not only the most recognized inside our country’s hardware market, but our products also compete successfully throughout the world in more than 30 markets, including the most demanding one: the American market.
Hermex came into existence in order to satisfy the hardware-market’s need for locksmithing products with the highest quality standards at competitive prices. It also looks for consumers’ preference through designs, quality and presentability.
Foset is the brand focused on plumbing products, specially designed for the hardware market with its 5 lines which cover all needs:
Foset Basic, Foset Aqua, Foset Aero, Foset Element and Foset Riviera.
Fiero is the brand that offers steel products for the hardware industry. All its products are made with premium-quality materials and they are specially designed to optimize resistance, performance, and high durability.
Voltech was born with the aim of satisfying the hardware-market’s need for electric products. The categories this brand is comprised-by are: Audio and video accessories, electric artifacts, domestic-control equipment, extension-cords and electrical outputs, light-bulbs, lamps and fixtures, batteries, lamp holders and products for electrical installations.
Pretul is a brand designed as an alternative for all kinds of tools, with great price-quality relationship, for light-use and house repairs.
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